Gloriosa Superba Seeds

Gloriosa superba or glory lily is an herbaceous, tender, tuberous rooted deciduous and climbing perennials. Common names are flame lily, climbing lily, creeping lily, glory lily, gloriosa lily, tiger claw, and fire lily.


Tuber is planting material. Planting material is hand picked and properly cared for proper germination.


Red soil with good drainage facility is enhanced naturally and well ploughed before cultivation

warm, sunny, sun

Planting and harvesting is done in the morning.Maintained under moderate temperature

"Growth of Gloriosa Superba seeds"


Irrigation is given immediately after planting and subsequently at 5 days intervals of time.

Seed Seperation

Harvested yellowish green matured fruits are dried for one day and seeds are separated from fruits

Seed Care

Separated seeds are shade dried for 8 days. Seeds are separated based on grade level.

We have given the most care for the field with well ploughed and naturally fertilized during last ploughing. Irrigation is done at required level and glory lily seeds are carefully separated from harvested pods using seed thresher.

Glory lily Seeds are shade dried in clean land. The entire production process is monitored and inspected before packaging.

Our packaging unit and warehousing facility allows us to maintain the quality of our products and protects it from extreme temperatures, moisture and contamination.

Gloriosa Superba Flower



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