Gloriosa Superba Seeds

Gloriosa superba or glory lily is an herbaceous, tender, tuberous rooted deciduous and climbing perennials. Common names are flame lily, climbing lily, creeping lily, glory lily, gloriosa lily, tiger claw, and fire lily.

Gloriosa Superba seeds are also known as Kalihari is a perennial herb, tuberous rooted deciduous  and can be grown as climber.Its underground tubers, leaves, seeds and roots are used for preparing various drugs.

It is herbaceous tendril climber with underground tuberous rhizome, Leaves are sessile, alternate; Flowers bright, at first greenish later becoming yellow and finally scarlet; Fruit capsules containing many seeds.

It is a medicinal crop used to extract the chemical compound such as colchicine, thiocolchicine, B-sitosterol, chelidonic acid, gloriosine, stigmasterol, luteolin etc. The Gloriosa superba seeds contain high level of colchicine’s. The flowers are used in religious ceremonies.

In ayurveda, it is used for the treatment of ear diseases and skin disorders.

Botanical NameGloriosa superba
Common NameGlory Lily, Climbing Lily, Crisped Glory Lily, Flame lily, creeping lily, Gloriosa lily, Tiger claw,and Fire lily
Light RequirementSun growing, Moderate
Water requirementIt is a rain fed crop but may be irrigated periodically as and when required.
Primarily Grown ForSeeds, Rhizomes, Flowers
Flowering SeasonAugust, September, October
Plant height3-6 meters
Plant FormClimbing or growing on support
Harvesting time170-180 days
Product TypeBotanical Product
TypeDried Herbs
CategoryHerbs & Herbs Extract
UsageAnti Gout, Anti Cancer, tonic, anti-periodic, anti- helminthic, anthelmintic, and laxative
Storage InstructionsStore in dry place and away from moisture
Shelf Life3 Years
  • Flame lily / Gloriosa superba seeds has many medicinal properties like colchicine, alkaloid gloriocine, pungent, bitter, acrid, heating, anthelmintic, laxative, alexiteric, abortifacient etc.
  • It has been used in the treatment of gout, infertility, open wounds, snakebite, ulcers, arthritis, cholera, colic, kidney problems, typhus, itching, leprosy, bruises, sprains, hemorrhoids, cancer, impotence, nocturnal emission, smallpox, sexually transmitted diseases, and many types of internal parasites.
  • Colchicine is widely used as an experimental tool in the study of cell division, as it can inhibit mitosis, induce polyploidy, and has been used in the treatment of cancer.
  • Gloriosa superba seeds are also used as a tonic, anti-periodic, anti- helminthic, anthelmintic, and laxative.
  • It is used in treating muscular spasm or crumps, Intestinal worms and Human Ear parasites

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